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Getting Started

The intent of this project is to provide some guidelines and architecture example of how to build an ASP.NET MVC application that leverages a number of industry standard technology / concepts. The technologies used include: ASP.NET MVC, MySQL, NHibernate, Ninject and Google Maps API. The intent is to build a highly decoupled code-base that is easily maintained.

Back Story

The requirements for this application are to build out a GPS tracking system that could be used to monitor mobile assets. Each mobile unit is equipped with internet enabled GPS hardware. This hardware collects GPS location and pushes it to this application. The application persists the GPS data and generates maps with overlaid GPS tracks.

Additional Information 

In addition to this code repository, there are a number of blog posts that discuss the architecture / technologies and design choices.

Server Side Development

Client Side Development

Here is a presentation I gave at MVC Conf on this application.

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